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  • What goes wrong when medical records are transferred

    What goes wrong with transferring

    The massive data breaches that struck CareFirst Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Anthem and Premera over the past year have sounded an alarm among healthcare IT. And with hackers eager to steal valuable patient data, it’s time the healthcare sector act more aggressively to secure private data.

    Consider that, according to research from Gartner, close to 40 million healthcare records have been breached to date. That number, Gartner’s research suggests, is a conservative estimate because it takes into account only breaches of at least 500 individuals at a time.

    Electronic Health Records

    What goes wrong when medical records are transferred

    Securing patient data starts with encryption, but equally important is the use of strong identity authentication. Authentication guarantees that the sender and recipient of healthcare data are, in fact, who they claim to be.

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  • Closing HIT’s last mile gap

    “I feel like I'm in a new marriage and we haven't really dated that much in the past but now I have to engage with them.” Gavin Krumenacker was quoting someone he met at a healthcare management event because the comment sums up the way many HIT managers feel these days.

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    Closing HIT’s last mile gap

    Much the way telecommunications providers once struggled with the home stretch of connectivity, healthcare organizations today are grappling with compliance, disclosure policies, and security.

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