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  • Decision-makers can link the business with cloud computing

    CIOs who want to connect the entire organization through accessible technologies can do so with cloud computing. The IT service has taken the entire industry by storm, due to its flexibility and affordability. Decision-makers who don't act quickly to replace aging infrastructure will have a lot of questions to answer from the higher-ups should the firm struggle to keep pace with the competition.

    Jonathan Kropf, CEO of Cloud On Demand, believes CIOs must take action in a world based on "instant gratification."

    "If a CIO doesn't help business to get a technology solution quickly, they will bypass IT and just get it themselves. A good CIO should be the link between the technology systems and the business requirements," Kropf said, ITWeb reported.

    A joint ITWeb and TA Consulting survey discovered cost is no longer the main driver behind the cloud's adoption. In fact, it was in the bottom 5 percent of the list of company needs.

    Kropf explained cloud computing thrives due to its flexibility, offering a new way of procuring a complete solution. Innovation is a big reason behind the cloud's evolution.

    "CIO's have to adapt from being chief information officers to chief innovation officers. Cloud providers can give the platforms and tools, but CIOs have to engage with their partners to take those back to the business and show how they can be applied," Kropf added, according to the news provider.

    Which is the right cloud model?
    Organizations planning a cloud implementation have various choices on their hands – public, private or hybrid model. A Techaisle survey of almost 1,500 U.S. small and medium-sized businesses found 44 percent of mid-sized firms are planning to use public services in 2015, up from 27 percent this year. Half of participants are anticipating launched new private clouds next year, while 28 percent will do the same with hybrid suites.

    Businesses must look to the future if they are to remain on the cusp of innovation. This vision can become much clearer by relying on cloud computing to lessen the burden on the organization itself and offload maintenance tasks to a vendor. Customers can then reinvest the time and resources applied to management to revenue generation, customer service and other corporate goals.

    Companies that want to make a sound decision pertaining to the best cloud model for their unique business should use a migration tool such as RISC Networks CloudScape.

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