This is a podcast featuring Eddie Potter, Sr. of Zscaler on a discussion about how you can secure your entire healthcare system enterprise.

With the unique challenges that hospital systems are facing today continues to become more complex.  There were more than 113M individuals impacted by data breaches in 2015 with 109M of the 113M were impacted in the top six data threats.  Four primary security challenges are impacting hospital system security today.  These include:

  1. Mobile computing – smart devices that are outside the traditional perimeter of security.  How to provide the same policies that are in place inside the walls of the enterprise.  VPNs or secure MPLS back secure data centers are quite vulnerable and costly for the enterprise.  The individual user is becoming the single weakest access point.
  2. Cloud computing – most enterprises are leaving the protected data centers and reaching out to the cloud for other applications and services.
  3. Regional computing locations – many hospitals now have multiple facilities, which increases the difficulty when trying to protect multiple locations.
  4. Threats – new and more advanced attackers

So, what is a Chief Information Security Officer to do today to provide protection from these advanced threats? Eddie lays out how the Zscaler cloud scaled system protects the entity and individual users by modifying the security architecture to inspect EVERY (a zero trust approach – their ‘single scan multi-action’ patented technology ) packet of data that comes in/out of ALL access points for the entire enterprise, without impacting latency when compared to a traditional protection approach to serial scanning of data.

Learn how the Zscaler cloud based approach to full enterprise security can protect your system and free up human and equipment capital costs that could be better used to drive organizational goals.