Red Hat and Dell to collaborate on network virtualization

Dell is extending its collaboration with Red Hat to co-engineer OpenStack-based network function virtualization (NFV) technology for the telecommunications industry.

The announcement was made at the Mobile World Congress earlier this week in Barcelona.

NFV and software-defined networking (SDN) applications are expected to be available later this year.

According to Dell, these network functions traditionally run on proprietary gear. In its coverage of the announcement, NetworkWorld cited Gartner analyst Akshay Sharma, who said major carriers are interested in NFV because it gives them a standards-based approach to virtualizing telecom software, allowing them to run on industry-standard servers.

In a statement, Radhesh Balakrishnan, general manager, Virtualization and OpenStack at Red Hat, said: “We’re committed to jointly engineering OpenStack-based NFV and SDN solutions built on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform to help telecommunications customers take full advantage of such transformative technologies to, in turn, transform their business.”


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Red Hat and Dell to collaborate on network virtualization