Need to know the dosage for a patient’s medication?  Tough, pay me.  Need to know the lab results for that biopsy?  Tough, pay me.  Need to access your notes to reconsider a patient’s prognosis?  Tough, pay me.

Well, this is a new problem, isn’t it? Paper records on a shelf?  Pretty hard to walk off with those.  You can keep an eye on those.  You can lock a door on those.  Electronic records on your database?  Take a number.  Who isn’t after them? Who isn’t going to earn more money on the street today, on this very day, from those records than you are?  Because we all know negotiating a new world of evolving health care revenue models is challenging.  Because we all know that their revenue model is one of the world’s oldest and easiest to understand.  You want it, I got it.  You want it, I got it.  Now let’s see how bad you want it back.

So how does a newly digitized health care industry react to all this attention from a long-ago digitized criminal industry?  How can health care organizations operate in a marketplace that asks them to share data both widely and securely?   How does a health care organization ready itself to handle unwanted ransomware attacks?  How do health care organizations build trust between their people, partners & patients that they are ready when the attack happens to them?  Because.It.Will.Happen.

In this episode of Code Red, we explore the evolving threat of ransomware attacks on the health care industry and what organizations can do to protect themselves with the Chair of the HIMSS Privacy & Security Committee, Josh Black.

This Episode’s Guest

Josh Black
Manager, IT Security Administration
Information Risk Officer
Assistant HIPAA Security Officer
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
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