Dice President Shravan Goli’s new column in Baseline magazine calls out the need for technology professionals to align career goals with their company’s product road map: “For tech professionals who are eager to advance up the company food chain, the depth and breadth of what’s in store for their employer’s key products can dictate what’s next in terms of career advancement potential.”

If a company offers a narrow road map, it could be a warning that future opportunities with the firm will be limited; a dynamic road map, on the other hand, often offers a treasure trove of experience. “A product road map that’s goal-oriented, nimble and innovative indicates a culture that puts a premium on balancing creativity and strategy,” Goli wrote. “One that reads like a treatise—all tactics and vanilla thinking—points to a corporate culture that could be stifling.” You can read all his insights over at Baseline.

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How a Product Road Map Can Guide Your Career