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  • Technology That Drives Healthcare



    At BigFish Recruiting it is our job to find and engage the BEST of individuals who are practicing in the healthcare technology space.  We often have long and deep conversations about what is taking place in their everyday practice.  This led to the idea of sharing some of these conversations on our Podcast channel.  We hope these and outside podcast conversations are both interesting and helpful in your pursuit of industry insight.


  • Eddie Potter - Zscaler


  • Full Enterprise Security in the Cloud 

    Eddie Potter Jr. discusses how the Zscaler cloud scaled system protects the entity and individual users by modifying the security architecture to inspect EVERY (a zero trust approach – their ‘single scan multi-action’ patented technology ) packet of data that comes in/out of ALL access points for the entire enterprise, without impacting latency when compared to a traditional protection approach to serial scanning of data.