Open source and easy to learn, powerful and fast, Python has been ranked among the top eight most popular programming languages in the TIOBE Index since 2008. Not surprisingly, as employers recognize its ease of use and ability to integrate with other software, they’re seeking out Python developers in greater numbers. “We’re on track for continued growth for Python jobs,” says Doug Schade, principal consultant at recruiter WinterWyman in Boston. “We see a bit more Python than Ruby , but the driving force is the same. We’re meeting the needs of startups and small to medium businesses that are favoring Python and Python Django .”

He’s not the only one who sees it that way. Matt Brosseau, director of information technology at Chicago talent management firm Instant Technology , has seen an uptick in Python-related hiring in the Midwest. “If people have Python and related software experience on their resumes, they can expect to get calls from recruiting agencies,” he says. Schade believes that the increase has a lot to do with the current business cycle. “There are a lot of seed funded, Series A and Series B funded companies that are looking to scale, looking to scale quickly and looking to get the product out there,” he observes. “And this product allows you to do that.”

Brosseau typically sees requests for Python experience with more process-heavy applications. “It tends to be used more for database queries and stuff like that and it usually works directly with other systems,” he says. Having a good understanding of Linux is a plus for Python developers, he adds. “Developers will probably be doing some server-side scripting for higher applications that are going to communicate with the backend.” He also notes that a firm knowledge of relational and non-relational databases like SQL and Oracle , and maybe even MongoDB , would be a boost to job seekers. Schade adds that Web-based Python Django developers should be coupling those skills with JavaScript frameworks. “ Angular is the tip of the sword right now in terms of employer preferences,” he says. “And Ember , which is the newest, is really important, too.”

Brosseau recommends that less experienced developers get involved in online Python communities and meetups. “Hang out in the spaces where other developers are,” he advises. “Those people know where the opportunities are.”

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