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The ROI of Healthcare Cybersecurity

The ROI of Healthcare Cybersecurity

Let’s accept the fact that we want to feel secure in some way, whether it is secure in our jobs, our relationships, or our personal safety and wellbeing.  We want the best for our families, our business endeavors or, as in healthcare, for the other people for whom we...

Health Information Technology and Global Trends

The first national HIMSS conference took place on April 1, 1962, at the Emerson Hotel in Baltimore.  It is appropriate the event began in those Camelot days, when people asked themselves not what can be done for them but what they can do for others.  The seed from...

Mayo Clinic CIO on AI

Physicians and providers skeptical of AI should pay close attention to the experience of Mayo Clinic whose top representatives were on hand at HIMSS to describe the benefit of using IBM Watson in clinical trial matching.