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Healthcare data is entering a new era with the mass adoption of EHRs, the harnessing of big data, the rise of genomics, personalized medicine, and more. To manage all that data, hospitals and other healthcare entities will increasingly be looking to new solutions involving the cloud, numerous tech experts tell Healthcare Dive, and are increasingly ready to move past the regulatory and security concerns that have previously held healthcare back.

Research appears to back those ideas up; a report by MarketsandMarkets predicts the healthcare cloud computing market will grow from $3.73 billion in 2015 to $9.48 billion by 2020.  That’s a huge jump.

Because healthcare is so in need of better interoperability and better connections, providers need to figure out a better way to communicate outside of their firewalls with all the people they do business with every single day, and that’s really hard to do if your data is locked on-prem in servers.

What to expect in the near-term

With all that said, hybrid solutions will be the trend over the next five to 10 years, with hospitals outsourcing specific functions such as population health to the cloud, and adjusting their strategy over time based on a combination of their incentive to change and their investment in their current infrastructure. Entities such as academic medical centers engaging in massively data-intensive efforts such as genomics and personalized medicine will lead the way in utilizing cloud infrastructure, while smaller entities such as community hospitals will typically be last to determine a need.

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