Specialty Areas

There’s no easy way to understand the challenges facing healthcare organizations: the impact of health reform, system integration, electronic health records, patient safety, clinical best practices, and declining reimbursement. Great leaders are the key to confronting these complex issues. But not all healthcare recruiters understand what great leadership looks like.  To pioneer the future, today’s leaders must be agile, high performing, possess enterprise-wide leadership capacity, manage change and navigate added complexity.

At a time when critical technology requirements are booming in healthcare, hospitals are finding it difficult to staff IT departments to meet the challenge.

Without technical staff, health systems can’t implement required improvements such as electronic medical records, or make compliance or productivity-based upgrades to existing software. In late 2013, the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) polled 224 industry organizations and found around one-third had delayed critical IT projects because of a lack of skilled staffers. Chief Information Officers throughout the healthcare industry report increased difficulty hiring appropriate resources.

BigFish Recruiting is strategically positioned to help meet the talent needs of your healthcare organization’s IT department.  While we can help you find contract or permanent candidates throughout your IT team; we have an especially strong expertise in the areas of Analytics, Cloud Computing/Infrastructure, Mobile Health, Patient Engagement and Privacy/Security.


Predictive analytics is rapidly gaining ground as a powerful tool to gain deeper insights from diverse healthcare data.  Predictive analytics models enable healthcare organizations to make early clinical interventions, and move towards greater evidence-based medicine. Managing such niche, highly-specialized teams is challenging and expensive for most organization. We can help.


Though the healthcare cloud business is still nascent, the pace of innovation is picking up. From fitness trackers to disease research databases to connected hospitals, all these sources of data and analysis must go somewhere — and the cloud is the destination of choice. We get cloud experts.Let us help you.

Mobile Health

The idea is straightforward: the increasing number of smartphones means that small, inexpensive sensors, low-energy Bluetooth, and analytic software make it possible for patients and doctors to capture all kinds of data to improve care. Patients can play a more active role in their own health. Doctors and nurses can make house calls without ever leaving the office. Need help in securing your mobile health initiatives. We can help.

Patient Engagement

Engaging patients through new technology and tools facilitates communication and educates them about their conditions and treatment options. Quality improvements to physician-patient interactions lead to better-informed patients and get them more involved in their personal care.  Let us help you build the team which can improve physician-patient relationships.

Privacy & Security

Privacy and Security is one of the most challenging issues that healthcare providers face today. Whether it’s preventing breaches, dealing with mobile security issues, interacting safely with business associates, conducting a security audit, or developing policies and procedures for HIPAA and HITECH security requirements, healthcare providers have their hands full. These challenges are not going away and will evolve and change as technology continues to reshape how healthcare is delivered.  Let’s talk security.