Executive Recruitment

Today’s hospital system is an ever changing, patient focused cauldron of regulations, projects, people, deadlines, budgets and more.  The paradigm shift taking place in healthcare today is real AND dramatic.  The transition from volume to value-based care is increasing pressure on healthcare providers and placing a greater emphasis on recruiting.  Nowhere is that more evident than in the healthcare IT department.

How to Catch your next Big Fish…

Recruiting executive leadership today isn’t so much about “proprietary database of contacts” as some of the larger national recruitment firms would have you believe.  Social media profiles today enable a 95% penetration rate to all healthcare executives – locally to internationally.  It’s actually about the ability to reach out and make a connection with A-player candidates to discuss their career path, their personal lifestyle interests, and of course their career history and then determine if there is a great opportunity for all parties concerned.    It’s about finding the candidate who has the proven track record to get done what you need done….and can rally the troops do do likewise.

Our Secret Sauce: A Performance Based Hiring System

Performance-based Hiring is an end-to-end systematic business process for hiring top talent in the talent scarce Healthcare IT environment. Since it’s a business process, metrics can be used to control the process in real time with a focus on maximizing QUALITY OF HIRE. There is a recruiting funnel comparable to a sales funnel. Too many recruiters short-circuit the process the best people use to make career decisions losing the best people who opt-out too soon. This is comparable to a transactional sales process driving people on first contact to “buy” or apply for the job immediately.

Recruiting top people – especially passive candidates – requires a consultative recruiting approach. This is comparable to solution selling involving an upfront discovery process, also referred to as needs analysis.  Our consultative recruiting moves candidates through each step in the recruiting funnel and is used to attract and present to you the BEST talent.

Your Satisfaction is our Guarantee

As a boutique recruitment firm, your satisfaction is our number one objective.  Our proven track record spans practices from small community hospitals to large health systems – and we want to join in the effort to round out your Executive team.

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