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The challenges for today’s hospital CIO couldn’t be greater.  They are the tip of the spear leading their health system’s technology strategy.  A strategy which from all stakeholders (payer, boardroom, c-suite, clinicians and patients) concerned – has very great demands upon it.

Advances in technology brought about through legislation of the HITECH Act, the Affordable Care Act and the incentives to modernize or face imminent demise – have put hospital IT departments under an enormous amount of pressure to innovate on virtually every known front and do so in a very rapid and .  Whether it’s a changing payer compensation model, optimizing their healthcare analytics adoption model, improving their remote and mobile health initiatives, tightening up data security and privacy or implementing a more effective patient engagement platform – the demands never stop.

The number one criteria to meet such demands are a workforce that is both personally and vision driven, extremely focused, highly experienced and have the ability at being nimble and able to adapt to rapid change and instability as changes are implemented.

Today’s top CIOs know that finding such a workforce is not usually accomplished through the luck of a corporate website and happen stance. These candidates are fully employed, well compensated and are at best passive seekers.   We call them BigFish because they are in high demand.

At BigFish Recruiting, we understand healthcare IT department functionality and challenges.  We understand the demands placed upon the department or team…and we know how to engage and find A-player candidates that can get the job done when and how it needs to be done.  We find PROVEN players.

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