Health care organizations are turning to cloud computing to perform all types of functions. GigaOM recently reported DNAnexus, a cloud startup, is using the technology to turn DNA sequences into valuable information. For example, Regeneron Genetics Center is leveraging the solution to for drug research.

The news provider explained Regeneron uses DNAnexus' technology to analyze 1,000 exomes, which make up 1 percent of the human genome most relevant to health data, to compare these genes to potential health issues. DNAnexus streams these findings to cloud environments and translates the content in only a week, opposed to the six months it would take with an on-site data center.

Richard Daly, CEO of DNAnexus, told the news source the process reduces both the time and funding needed to execute the research.

"They have achieved a scale where they can look for what would have been relatively rare occurrences in the data," DNAnexus Chief Cloud Officer Omar Serang said, GigaOM reported. "You need really large data sets to look for the next advancements in medicine."

Cloud-based health market set for healthy growth
Cloud computing is poised to take off in the health care field through 2017. A MarketsandMarkets report projected the industry to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 20.5 percent between 2012 and 2017.

The cloud's data accessibility is one function expected to fuel the health care market's use of the service. MarketsandMarkets explained hospitals and clinics need quicker access to data to collaborate across the entire organization and geographical locations. Achieving this goal enables caregivers to enhance patient treatments by being able to view patient records without delay.

Since the cloud health care market is poised for such rapid growth, it means many organizations will be first-time adopters. Choosing a cloud model and service provider may seem easy on the surface, but the number of options in both categories can be overwhelming for newcomers.

A migration tool such as RISC Networks CloudScape is the perfect way to make informed decisions about cloud computing. The solution enables adopters to view how cloud products will benefit their operations beforehand. Establishing a performance baseline before a cloud environment launches allows firms to identify any issues that may harm efficiency or result in security problems and address them appropriately.

Health organizations that take a measured approach to cloud computing will be happy they were so diligent when the service lives up to its true potential in the workplace.

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Health care market using cloud computing for innovative research