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  • Mobile app with HIPAA privacy questions?

    Many mobile health developers — and rightfully so! — are curious about just what features and protections their devices need to have in order to comply with HIPAA privacy rules.

    [See also: OCR: 'Pay attention to details']

    Privacy & Security

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  • Best Hospital IT Departments 2015 finalists revealed

    The countdown begins now: Healthcare IT News just reached a critical juncture in its Best Hospital IT Departments Awards.

    We've locked the doors. The employee survey is officially closed and that means 65 IT shops – out of the nearly 200 initially nominated – have qualified and are in contention to be among our winners.


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  • 18 health technologies poised for big growth

    By now, everyone's got an EMR. And most providers are also making use of ancillary technologies to help harness patient data toward more efficient care and better outcomes. But many species of health IT are still surprisingly underused in the U.S. hospital market.

    Population Health

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  • Healthcare headlines: August 24

    Healthcare IT News' focus is on technology, of course, but there's so much else happening now across the broader realm of healthcare. We're keeping track of all the top studies, articles and other big happenings in the industry and compiling them on this healthcare watch list. It's updated daily, so check back in with us for regular updates.


  • Microsoft posts Windows 10 for medical devices

    When Microsoft made Windows 10 widely available at July's end, the company foretold subsequent versions for both mobile and Internet of Things, or IoT, devices.

    Two weeks later, amid a smattering of post-release concerns about the operating systems' privacy, security and stability, Microsoft posted Windows 10 IoT Core with less fanfare than the broader OS.


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  • The changing role of the CIO

    The changing role of the CIO

    Over my 8 years of blogging (since 10/21/07) I've written many posts about IT leadership, career development and re-inventing yourself (something to do every 5-10) years. As a CIO for nearly 20 years, I've seen the nature of the role undergo remarkable evolution.

    In the early days of my CIO career, it was really important to be a technologist. Networks were unstable, servers were unreliable, desktops were difficult to manage, most vendors did not have enterprise-grade products, and it was often challenging to make infrastructure buying decisions.


    The changing role of the CIO

    John Halamka, MD, reflects on how the position of CIO has evolved during his 20-year career.

    Healthcare IT News


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