About Us

  • ILoveMyJob

  • Our Passion.

    We love making a difference in people’s lives.

    From the visionary to the game changer, we don’t look for companies, positions or candidates.  We look for opportunities that matter and for the people that can help bring disruptive change to the marketplace.  In so doing, we inevitably bring smiles to the faces of those we’ve impacted….and that is worth all the struggle and frustration to bring about a successful union.

  • Our Skills

    Understanding Clients’ Needs


    Engaging Untouchables


    Selling the Career Opportunity

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

      • Competitive Fees
      • 100% refund within 100 days
      • Ongoing IT training available for placed candidates
      • Only highly qualified candidates submitted
      • Dedicated Recruiter & Account Manager
      • Shared marketing resources (ask how)
  • Fun Facts About Us

    1 of us was dreaming of a race car career….the other an author of children’s books.  Can you guess who wanted what?

Our Core Values

    • Love Your Job

      We love our job and we do it with passion.  This is the secret sauce to success, for with passion comes the determination and fortitude to persevere through the trials and tribulations…until ultimate success arrives.

    • Lead with Integrity

      Our personal character matters.  It’s what embodies the type of people that we are all attracted to.  We will serve our clients and candidates with integrity on every opportunity.

    • Honor the Family

      Something has been lost over the last few generations in this country.  And, it’s impacted our culture and the very fabric of our nation.  The family has become of secondary importance.  We will honor the family commitment of our clients, candidates and employees.

    • Be Respectful

      Each of us will demonstrate self-respect and respect for others at all times.

    • Give Back

      Whether done at home, through our local church or through a community organization….we will “Share the Love” with those in need … helping to insure that our communities become better off than when we arrived.

    • Strive for Excellence and Profitability

      We unabashedly look to hire the best of the best in our business.  In doing so, there is a strong level of accountability in reaching our milestones and ultimately our goals.  One of those goals is to be among the most profitable boutique recruitment firms in North Carolina…..and then beyond.

What else can we do to convince you?

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