Editor’s Note: Congrats to our friends and associates at RISC Networks for their recognition by Garner.  Great technology serving great customers in a great niche.  A snippet of their findings are noted below.


Earlier this week, Mr. Owen Rogers of 451 Research released a report on our company, titled RISC Networks aims to help its partners act as trusted cloud advisors, this is the second report Mr. Rogers has written about RISC Networks. It is great to see the analyst community see the values that our products can contribute to the partner community.

The RISC Networks technology offers much more than the traditional network or cloud assessment, many of our current clients and partners have said things such as “the RISC Networks cloud assessment delivered us more information than we have ever before and will help us execute our cloud strategy”. Our platforms ability to compare and model cloud provider pricing using the clients existing infrastructure usage and performance, build models for data center implementations, map applications dependencies using netstat and network flow data, build a network impact analysis for cloud moves, construct cloud migration move groups and plans, and much more is entirely unique in the industry.

Read the full article  here: 451 Research Report on RISC Networks appeared first on RISC Networks.